Ideas for Teaching Collective Nouns and a List

Ideas for Teaching Collective Nouns and a List

There are many fun ways to teach collective nouns. Teaching collective nouns will expand on student’s vocabulary and communication skills. Ultimately, everything is tied to reading comprehension and writing skills. These are often part of state language standards often. Collective nouns are listed under the Common Core Standards for second grade. I am going to include […]

Deepening Reading Comprehension with Vocabulary Strategies

Understanding the meaning behind words is an important part of reading comprehension. Vocabulary strategies are the tools to help students crack open unknown words. When teaching vocabulary strategies, it is important to break things down into simple steps that students can apply. While it is important to also teach vocabulary words, vocabulary strategies are more […]

Five Fun Compound Word Activities

Compound Word Activities and Ideas

Here are five fun compound word activities to liven up your lesson. These activities fit in nicely as a center activity. Activity #1 Logic Sentences Logic sentences are a fun way for students to form compound words and gain some depth in understanding the words. Examples of Logic Sentences: Shells in the sea are _______________. […]

Adverbs Mini-Lesson & Activity Ideas

Adverbs Lesson & Activities

Adverbs are tricky for students to learn and understand. I can remember my mom getting my cousin, an English teacher, to tutor me when I was young because they were just super confusing. Thankfully, the tutoring helped! Today, I would like to share how to teach an adverbs mini-lesson. I will also include some ideas […]

Five Ways to Teach Multiple Meaning Words

Teaching Multiple Meaning Words or Homophones

Today, I want to share five ways to teach multiple meaning words. Multiple meaning words are words that sound alike but mean different things. These can include homonyms, but it also can include words that have a noun and verb meaning too. Students will need to depend on the context to understand the intended meaning of […]

Activities for Teaching Context Clues in the Primary Grades

activities for teaching context clues

Let’s dive into activities for teaching context clues in the primary grades. I also have a post that breaks down how to teach vocabulary strategies that you can find here. Activity #1 Picture Journal for Vocabulary Many young learners are very concrete and visual. You can let students keep a picture journal to illustrate unknown […]

Ideas for Teaching Prefixes in 2nd Grade to Strengthen Vocabulary Skills

Ideas for Teaching Prefixes in the Primary Grades

Students need opportunity to work with words and manipulate the parts of them. In primary grades like 2nd grade, students can start to dive into prefixes to strengthen their vocabulary skills. There are many ways for students to work with prefixes, and you will find a few ideas for teaching prefixes below. Idea #1 Sorting […]

How to Customize Your Interactive Notebooks…A Video Tutorial

Get free interactive notebook templates

Hi everyone! I recently created this video tutorial that teaches you how to customize your interactive notebooks. In this tutorial, I teach how to create an acronym book that can be used for back to school or as part of an all about me unit, but you can use these techniques to create whatever your […]

Strategy Share: Teaching Story Elements

Teaching Strategies

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share some teaching strategies for teaching story elements. These ideas are meant to pair with fiction read alouds. Although, I will offer some ideas for guided reading too. I also will include a freebie to help implement these ideas. First, let’s go over the basic story elements that you […]