Jolene Bloodsworth Teacher Author and Literacy Advocate

Teacher & Author

Hi! I am Jolene from The Candy Class. I have both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in elementary education. I am a former primary teacher, and I started my journey in the educational field back in 2000 in a child development center. That inspired me to go on to become an elementary school teacher.

While I was working on that first degree, I started dreaming of being able to make a difference in education beyond just a single classroom. 

I had no clue how I would even go about doing such a thing, but here I am today helping millions of children learn how to read and love those math facts. My curriculum resources have been used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms worldwide. I am beyond humbled that my work has be used in such a way. Such a huge blessing! 

I truly enjoy being a teacher-author because I get to inspire others to love learning like I do and help so many teachers. Teachers are my favorite people because I know teachers have big hearts.

As a child, I always dreamt of being an author, so I get to live that dream too by creating things like decodable readers and fun books like Why Do Llamas Love Valentine’s Day in my units. 

It has been such a big blessing in my life to do what I do, and I hope my creations are a blessing to the children under your wings.

Feel free to reach out with your stories of how my resources have been used in your classroom. I love hearing about how my creations are being helpful to others.