Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share some ideas about teaching compound sentences in your primary classroom.

Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Compound Sentence Lesson

Introduction of Fanboys

First off, students need to know those fanboys before diving into the realm of compound sentences. A simple way to do this with a hands-on twist is to have them make some fans with those bad boys. Students simply fold the paper seven times to make eight sections. Then they can write the coordinating conjunctions on the fan, squeeze the bottom together, and then fan away.

 Fanboys Fans for teaching compound sentences


 Activity Ideas for Compound Sentences

Idea #1 Silly Sentences

Write some simple sentences and the fanboys on some sentence stripes. Students connect the two simple sentences with one of the fanboys. Then they use pasta and lentils to add the punctuation. Finally, they add that capital letter at the beginning with a wikki stick or other letter manipulative of choice. Alternatively, you can have some sentences with capitals and others without it, and they piece those together.

Silly Sentence Idea for Teaching Compound Sentences

Idea #2 Create & Share Giggly Sentences

Each student creates their own simple sentence. I recommend encouraging silliness. Then they partner with someone else to form a compound sentence with their two simple sentences. They can record their newly formed sentences on a paper. After a few minutes, they rotate to pair up with another student and make another sentence. You can rotate as many times as you like.

Giggly Sentence Idea

Idea #3 Work with Compound Sentences in Multiple Ways

Students can identify if a sentence is simple or compound, rewrite two simple sentences into a compound sentence, add more details to a compound sentence, and rearrange compound sentences into other sentence formats.

Various Ways to Work with Compound Sentences

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Idea #4 Butterfly Grammar Craft

Add simple sentences on each wing of a butterfly. Then the comma and conjunction can be added on the body of the butterfly to join the two simple sentences into one. I added a touch to this craft idea by making the butterflies body in the shape of a comma, but you can use any butterfly template or make your own easily for this craft. All I did was cut these out of some colored card stock. You could also use colored papered too.

Would you just prefer to have a template for the this butterfly craft template? You can find this in my Compound Sentence Bundle here. The craft is also linked in the bundle separately too.

Comma Butterfly for Teaching Compound Sentences


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Compound Sentences 1B

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