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30 03, 2020

How to Download and Use Your Google Classroom Resources in Three Easy Steps

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Hi everyone! Today, I want to share some video tutorials for using digital resources in Google Classroom in three easy steps.

This past week, I know many of you have been thrown into uncharted waters. I get that it is very overwhelming. After spending all my spare time last week trying to answer questions, I have decided maybe videos might help more. If you have purchased one of my digital resources for Google Classroom use, then those also come with step-by-step instructions in the main pdf that you download with your purchase. If you prefer to read directions over watching a video, I recommend referring to those instead.

#1: Make Your Own Copy of the File

The first video goes over making a copy of my resource, so you have your own copy to assign to your students. One thing, I want to emphasize here is make sure to be logged out of all your Google accounts including any Gmail in your default internet browser before making a copy. Then log into your Google for Education or Google Classroom account, so it is ready to have the files added to its drive.


#2 Assign a Copy of Your File in Google Classroom

This second video covers how to give the assignment in Google Classroom. For primary students, I recommend assigning from your Drive instead of sharing a link of your copy. Please do not assign my link to your students. That will not work properly.


#3 Use it Interactively in Edit Mode

In order for the features to be interactive and for your students’ work to be saved, they will use the files in edit mode. This is when they are exited out of presentation mode.



1. It’s not dragging and dropping.

Make sure to not enter presentation mode. It is meant to be used in edit mode. Also, if you are using a tablet or iPad, download the Google Slides app to use it instead of using it in an internet browser.

2. It says I don’t have access, so please give me access.

Please review over the video from step number one. You will need to first make a copy of your own file and assign your copy of the file to your students. The first two videos will walk you through that.


Would you like to try out a free sample? Check out my free digital guided reading resource here.

I hope that helps make things clear.


Thanks and be blessed!

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Jolene Mathew from The Candy Class


17 05, 2019

Help! The File is Not Downloading

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When it comes to downloading pdfs and zip files from online, there are various reasons that can cause issues with the download. This post will cover various reasons and fixes, so that you can access your downloadable files.


First off, sometimes glitches happen with the internet or the internet browser. Sometimes the fix is just to refresh the browser or try again later. However, sometimes there are other reasons at play too.


Possible Reason #1: Your internet connection is slow. Files come in different sizes. If your internet is not the fastest internet out there or for some reason is acting sluggish at the moment, it can make the downloading of files slow.

Fix for Reason #1: Give the file time to download. Also, you may want to reach out to your internet provider if that is an ongoing issue with things like sites being sluggish and files downloading very slowly. However, it could be that you need better equipment for the wireless to reach properly in your house too. My office is far from our modem, so we had to buy some wireless adapters to get things up to speed.


Possible Reason #2: You didn’t check your downloads folder.

Fix for Reason #2: Make sure you look in your downloads folder for the file. I know some files like a pdf will automatically open with some browsers, but a zip file will not. If the file you are downloading is a zip file, you will need to go to your downloads folder and properly open the zip file.


Possible Reason #3: Your pop-up blocker blocked it.

Fix for Reason #3: Make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker that is blocking the downloading. The method for unblocking will vary by internet browser and computer type. I recommend doing a quick search on how to stop a pop-up blocker for whatever browser and computer you are using.


Possible Reason #4: Your school has restrictions on downloads.

Fix for Reason #4: Download it from home and send it to yourself another way.


If none of those things help, it can be do to other factors. If you are having an ongoing issue with downloading files, it could be something to do with your internet browser. A quick fix can be using a different internet browser, but if you want it resolved, here are some resources for the different browsers.



Internet Explorer


I hope that helps!



Candy Class for Teaching Resources and Ideas

Jolene Mathew from The Candy Class