1 02, 2016

Blending those Blends & Free Blend Posters

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some ideas for teaching blends in the classroom and a freebie to be able to do just that!
Idea #1: Incorporate phonemic awareness in the morning through fun chants.
These posters I’ve included below each have a chant at the bottom. It’s a simple chant, where I say, fluttering fly fl-fl-fl, plucking plums pl-pl-pl, clustering clouds cl-cl-cl. Chants have been something that have been a part of my classroom since my first day teaching, but I started off with a different chant format that I have improved over the years. I think it also has been a great way to get me to wake-up in the morning, lol! If you got a projector, you can actually project the pdf on the board instead of holding up the posters!
Idea #2: Play a quick game of memory with the blend cards during guided reading.

While these are the size of a full page, did you know that you can actually adjust your pdf printer settings to print 4 to a page? Yes, you can! I’ve included directions to do this. This means you can use these for a quick game of memory during guided reading. Easy, peasy.

          Idea #3: Have a “What Begins With….” literacy center.

These can be set-up in a center, and students can write words on a blank sheet of paper that begin with the letter.

Idea #4: Blend up words with the class.
While either projecting the pdf of these on the board or using the blends poster, you can have students write a word on a sticky note that begins with the blend and bring it up to the classroom.

Another idea, you can record words on the board that students blend-up.

Idea #5:  Introduce new blend words during guided reading.

During guided reading, you can use the posters (or mini-posters) to introduce any new words that start with the blend.
Idea #6: Ring it up.
You can print 4 to a page, put them on a ring, and have students use them as a writing reference in a writing center/station or for review.

Idea #7: Go on a blend hunt.

word hunt 2

Students can use the a mini-version of the blends poster as a reference tool while they are reading. They can then record any newly discovered blend words in a journal or on a piece of paper.

Not only do these activities work great for blends, but they work great for short vowels, long vowels, ending blends, digraphs, and other graphemes!

 sound charts gold

Here is the freebie! It includes several L blend posters! I hope it helps your students to master those blends!

blends cover

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I am also linking up with many other AWESOME teacher-authors who have tons of great tips and freebies! Make sure to check them all out!

Thank you so much for stopping by The Candy Class!
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Jolene 🙂
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8 12, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas: Enjoy Some Freebies!

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I want to say thank you for all the attention my little store has been receiving since late October. It truly has been an answered prayer for me because it seemed the doors were shut for over a month before that and everything there was completely silent. It is hard to believe I have gone from around 20 followers at Teachers Pay Teachers to 90 followers in such a short time! As promised, the Free Interactive Math Notebook Entry for Addition Facts 6-10 has been posted! I originally hoped to get this out a week earlier, but my Christmas Tree Life Cycle unit took me 2 weeks longer to create than originally anticipated, Thanksgiving and Black Friday happened, I had previously committed to Facebook Frenzy and needed to create clip art to go with it, and I had to rush out-of-town this weekend for a family emergency. I am still out of town, but brought my computer with me and a determination to complete this freebie for everyone! And now it is here with time to use it before Christmas break. Enjoy!

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Also, you may want to join the Facebook Frenzy. It is a collaboration of clip artists with freebies! The snowman will lead the way. Hurry! It ends December 9th.
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Oh, and I am celebrating gaining over 400 followers on my Facebook page by throwing 20% off until December 9th. I am also planning a product giveaway soon to celebrate…I just need to get home and figure out Rafflecopter! Here is another look at that Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree unit that is on sale!
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I wrote the original fiction book because I could not find a book dedicated completely to the topic in the big city I live in with well stocked libraries. It is the gem to this unit! 


Merry Christmas everyone!




27 10, 2013

Candy Corn Bunting Freebie

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This is from a fall festival for little bear and his friends. I love candy corn, candy apples, pumpkins, and everything orange this time of year…so I did not have to dig deep for inspiration. My son painted the pumpkin and attached the clipart pieces.  I also let him jump beside me when creating the clipart for this project to teach him some of the tricks in Photoshop and Illustrator. Since it was a pumpkin toss, the children actually tossed tiny pumpkins.

Little bear found another use for the pumpkin toss, lol!


A closer look at the candy corn bunting.
To hang, I used a hole puncher and strung a string through each piece. I made a knot. To keep it from flipping backwards, I taped them afterwards. You could also use clothespins to hang them.
Click on image to download the bunting. There are two images on the page. To make, I made 6 copies of the page, and that ended up being more than I needed for the bunting on my small table. You can’t see in the pictures, but I did have two hanging down on the sides at each corner of the table. Just an idea. Just make sure to select page one when printing multiple copies because I have a credits sheet attached in the pdf and would not want anyone to waste their ink. Also, this is for personal use only. If you would like to share, share the link only.
Happy Fall!