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Three Million Strong Sale & an Interactive Notebook Freebie

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Click on the image to link to Blog Hoppin’ to find out about more stores throwing sales!

Don’t you just love site wide sales at TPT? I sure do. I can’t decide if I like the buying or the selling part more, lol! My goal is to not spend more than I make, but that is going to be HARD! I am planning to stock up on some clip art (yes, even though I make clip art, it is such a HUGE time saver for when I make my curriculum products. Plus, I feel like I am gathering my own personal art collection. I just love art and having a vast array of different styles.) I also have plans to buy some curriculum resources too. I am still debating on which ones, but I did buy that new Rockin Fluency Phrases set from Cara Caroll and LOVE it (and just realized I forgot to add the promo code!). What are you planning on buying?

Everything in my store is at least 20% off! Use Promo Code TPT3 to get an additional 10% off the sales price. Don’t be like me and forget to add that Promo Code! Good thing that was not my big purchase that I am getting ready to make. I am putting a sticky on my screen now.

I have a new Interactive Notebook Freebie that is a sample from my new Interactive Notebook Templates 100+ Design Edition for Commercial and Personal use. These come in fun prints of chevron, polkadots, and those bold trendy stripes. They are all in light gray for ink saving, and they print beautiful and text goes on top beautifully. They also include some transparent square that can be stretched to fit on top if you want some blank space. Here is a picture from my Interactive Reading Notebook for Non-Fiction that I published this past fall to see these design template concepts in action. Pretty much the summary one gave me the inspiration recently to make a commercial set of these.

Here is the Freebie. Click on image to link.
Now time for some blog hoppin’! Here is another Blog Hop going on for the sale:
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Happy 2014!!! Linking up with Blog Hoppin’ Day 2

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I am linking up with blog hoppin’ for Day 2.

When I am not making graphic art or making teaching products, I like to make my own bath and beauty products. My favorite things to make are facial creams, foundation, and deodorant.  I am the weird person that spends hours blocking people from that can of spaghetti sauce in the grocery store as I read the ingredient lists, lol! Just joking, I am courteous and will move out of the way, but the truth is I read all ingredient labels.

Here are some pics from making my favorite facial cream named Pomegranate Rose. It includes complete luxury oils such as pomegranate oil, pumpkin seed oil, evening primrose, mango butter (yes, that exists and is completely made from mango kernels!), apricot kernel oil, and more! The only unnatural thing I put in it is a non-paraben preservative at 1% because bacteria is not a good thing at all and will grow in any product made with water in it.


Just like teaching, it takes some know-how, preparation, and a plan.
Instead of just using water, I like to make a tea to use in my lotion. Here I am brewing up a rose tea. I also add aloe vera to the water. Both are known for being soothing to the skin. Lotions are usually around 80% water. I want this to be a cream, so I used less water than that.
Lotion has four main ingredients: water, oil, and emulsifier to blend them together, and a preservative. I will have to heat these oils up to around 140 degrees and melt the emulsifying wax and mango butter in it.
While I use regular kitchen stuff to make the lotion, I actually have separate everything for my hobby that was purchased for the purpose of making bath and beauty products. Sanitation is very important. I also spray everything down with rubbing alcohol before using anything and wear gloves.
The ending result! I top them off with roses and they make awesome gifts!
Now this is the part I do not like about my hobby….the MESS! I think it takes just as long to clean it up as it does to make the lotion. That big batch took only about an hour to make.  Even though it was messy, the pomegranate rose facial cream was well worth that mess!
Now for the resolution part, see I have been bad about making stuff lately because I have been busy with TPT…I even ran out of my handcrafted deodorant! Alright, before you back away from me, I did buy some from the health store. The ingredients are not as good as my formula because they put propylene glycol in it (which is a petroleum ingredient….see you even have to watch what is in the stuff in the health food store!) So my resolution is to make a years worth of deodorant before my purchased deodorant runs out and make a bunch of batches of soap because I am running out of that. Yeah, you might want to back away from me after that because I won’t be buying drug store soap (they put lard aka left over beef waste in most of those, yuck, and sorry, lol, if I just grossed you out.) Also, I am running out of things to give people, so need to make more of just about everything this year.
Do you have any resolutions for crafting and creating this year?




Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas: Enjoy Some Freebies!

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I want to say thank you for all the attention my little store has been receiving since late October. It truly has been an answered prayer for me because it seemed the doors were shut for over a month before that and everything there was completely silent. It is hard to believe I have gone from around 20 followers at Teachers Pay Teachers to 90 followers in such a short time! As promised, the Free Interactive Math Notebook Entry for Addition Facts 6-10 has been posted! I originally hoped to get this out a week earlier, but my Christmas Tree Life Cycle unit took me 2 weeks longer to create than originally anticipated, Thanksgiving and Black Friday happened, I had previously committed to Facebook Frenzy and needed to create clip art to go with it, and I had to rush out-of-town this weekend for a family emergency. I am still out of town, but brought my computer with me and a determination to complete this freebie for everyone! And now it is here with time to use it before Christmas break. Enjoy!

Click on Image to Link
Also, you may want to join the Facebook Frenzy. It is a collaboration of clip artists with freebies! The snowman will lead the way. Hurry! It ends December 9th.
Click on Image to Link
Oh, and I am celebrating gaining over 400 followers on my Facebook page by throwing 20% off until December 9th. I am also planning a product giveaway soon to celebrate…I just need to get home and figure out Rafflecopter! Here is another look at that Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree unit that is on sale!
Click on Images to Link
I wrote the original fiction book because I could not find a book dedicated completely to the topic in the big city I live in with well stocked libraries. It is the gem to this unit! 


Merry Christmas everyone!




Candy Corn Bunting Freebie

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This is from a fall festival for little bear and his friends. I love candy corn, candy apples, pumpkins, and everything orange this time of year…so I did not have to dig deep for inspiration. My son painted the pumpkin and attached the clipart pieces.  I also let him jump beside me when creating the clipart for this project to teach him some of the tricks in Photoshop and Illustrator. Since it was a pumpkin toss, the children actually tossed tiny pumpkins.

Little bear found another use for the pumpkin toss, lol!


A closer look at the candy corn bunting.
To hang, I used a hole puncher and strung a string through each piece. I made a knot. To keep it from flipping backwards, I taped them afterwards. You could also use clothespins to hang them.
Click on image to download the bunting. There are two images on the page. To make, I made 6 copies of the page, and that ended up being more than I needed for the bunting on my small table. You can’t see in the pictures, but I did have two hanging down on the sides at each corner of the table. Just an idea. Just make sure to select page one when printing multiple copies because I have a credits sheet attached in the pdf and would not want anyone to waste their ink. Also, this is for personal use only. If you would like to share, share the link only.
Happy Fall!


Say What?

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Saturday night, I felt like I was up all night giving birth! Kid you not! And well, I kind of gave birth to an Interactive Reading Notebook for Non-Fiction with cuteness added. Ok, well, not the same…I know, lol, and eating that coconut cream popsicle to keep my eyes opened would make any woman in labor Saturday night probably want to beat me over the head for such a comparison. While I have been laboring with this for the past few weeks with just about every spare moment, I was determined to get this baby out and delivered by Sunday morning, and I thought it would not take that long to finish. Well, one extra hour turned into two as I persisted to finish it, and two into four because I am a perfectionist….until it was 8:30 am and the little interactive reading notebook was finally smiling back at me on the screen…. literally that little penguin was smiling as she held her composition reading journal in her little penguin hands.
Every page is truly interactive! Each page has a moving part. Your child or class can revisit them like an archive throughout the year for review. These journals make learning relevant, kinesthetic (hands-on), visual, and fun, fun, fun! 
 Don’t overlook the fact that it includes 27 blank templates for personal use! And did you see it has some science activities with it! I tried to make the preview above big if you click on it…didn’t work out, but you can download a pdf preview for free that allows you to get a close up look of the items in it in my TPT store. Just click on the image to lead the way.
Includes photographed PowerPoint instructions. That way you can project them in your classroom. A grayscale pdf and color pdf is also included. Oh, and this baby was 156 pages long!
My little bear is loving his interactive reading journal and has a new kind of excitement for reading these days! Makes it well worth the hard work I put into this baby over the last few weeks! (Oh, and so sorry woman who gave birth this past Saturday and congrats!)
Be blessed!

Inspiration in a Download

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I love, love, love God’s word. It is what keeps me ticking. It is my source of hope, direction, and guidance. My family and I have been working on memorizing scriptures. To help, I decided to post some up on the wall. I have a place for posting scripture in my son’s room and a place for posting scripture right in our entryway. Of course, I have decided to put these verses up with style from some graphic art playtime. I plan to post some of those at a later time as a freebie on my blog along with some more similar to the one below.

  God is good for letting me have this beautiful cork board to hang my scriptures on for under $10!
Below is what the download verse looks like. This is from the ESV translation. I also have the fonts link listed in the credits, so you can download those fonts for free too! I added the distress effects to the fonts for this picture.
You can click on the image above to download! It is in a pdf and ready to print on card stock.
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Enjoy! 🙂 Jolene

Space, Sight Words, a Light Sword, and a Freebie Link

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For learning sight words this year, I have flowed with my son’s interests with space. I did not actually make this adorable space word wall set myself, but I did find it as a freebie from another teacher-author. Spoiler alert: I have the freebie link posted later for this word wall set!
We use the space word wall for placing words he has mastered. That makes the word wall a big incentive to master those sight words. We review those here and there with his light sword as a pointer.
He is very eager to master his words and place them on the wall.
All the words he is working on for mastering are placed in a pocket chart that we review daily. If he does not master a word that week, I keep it in the pocket chart until he masters it. His readers during the week also have the newly introduced sight words for the week. I noticed he picks up a lot of his words that are reinforced in the readers because I threw in some other words, and he did not pick those up as fast. BTW I took the pocket chart pics from the first week of school and the word wall pics recently, so my little bear has mastered all those pocket chart words in the picture! Yay!

Details on making this yourself: I used fadeless black paper that I purchased in a roll from a local teacher store. It is jet black with a gloss, so easy to mount the sight words with mounting putty without damaging the paper should anything need to be moved around.  I hung up the paper with the famous Command Strips by placing many of them around the edges. I used the kind for posters.

Space Themed Word Wall was created by Fredia Shumway. She also has some other cute word walls including a pirate, jungle, frog, camping, ocean, western, monster, monkey, bug, and owl themed. She was super generous to provide this space word wall for free. Usually, I am extreme DIY, but I could not resist this cute word wall that has my son hyped up about learning sight words. Click the link below to get to this product. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for email to receive more updated postings from my blog before heading over to her store. I don’t actually ever see your email. In fact, I don’t even see who actually follows my blog, but you will get a nice email saying when I post something new here. And believe me, I love to share, give, and be a blessing to others, so you will not want to miss out on my postings!
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🙂 Jolene

Would You Like an Interactive Notebook Freebie?

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You heard that right! An interactive notebook freebie!  They are so useful for so many reasons. First, they are interactive. That means children can interact with the notebook like an interactive conversation between a teacher and student. With all the pieces that flip, they can revisit the journal later after the lesson for a little selfie quiz.  Not only that, but interactive journals are an outlet for publishing, and that my friend gives their work purpose. Not to mention, they are visual and kinesthetic (hands-on), which helps meet the various learning needs of young learners.  Since I am new to blogging, I just want to let everyone know that I have a lot of special things planned for this blog. I plan to offer exclusive freebies that will not be posted in my store at TPT, flash freebies, teaching ideas, some tutorials on creating bath and beauty products, some inspiration, and more! If you would like to receive an email when I post something new, simply click on the right where it says “follow by email”.  So don’t forget to download your interactive notebook freebie, and you might want to follow me on TPT while you are there, so you can get updates when I post stuff on there.  Simply click on the image below to receive your freebie! (Well, I hope it is “simply” able to link to it properly, lol!) If not, click the link below the image.
Enjoy and be blessed,

Is It Foolish?

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As I was eating lunch, I prayed my heart out to Jesus asking him to forgive me of all my stupidity with debt and to free me from its bondage. I confessed how I have faith that he can do something big in a big way! I feel strongly in my heart that Jesus is going to do something big to get all that debt paid off simply because he loves me and I can find numerous scriptures to prove he wants me to live in freedom! Faith being the biggest key of security because doubt always robs us, but doubt can’t get through the door if faith has it secured. See God is always bigger, stronger, and greater than anything the devil can wrap around us! Do I hear a Romans 8:37 thrown in about being more than conquerors through him who loved us? And what about that being “more” than a conqueror part? So yup, that debt snake is going to be vanished and my life restored even better than it was before all the debt! I truly believe what God’s word says about all hard work bringing a profit (though my business ventures over the past few years have turned up negative income) and that God has clearly written a bunch about being my healer, my deliver, my restorer, and more. Now it might sound foolish to the world to believe God can move miraculous and pay my heavy load. However, if Bill Gates was to stand on live national television and proclaim he had selected to pay off all my student loans out of compassion and grace from a story he heard about me if I would simply meet him at a certain time and place to receive the gift, it would start to look a lot less foolish to the world. It suddenly would not be so foolish to the world because of who he was and the fact he had given his word on national television. Well, it would be foolish of me to say, well, you know, I don’t think he can help me because my debts are so big! So I start to doubt Bill Gates has the ability to pay off my student loans. It would be foolish of me to say, well, you know, I don’t believe it is true, even though he said it on live national television! There is that doubt stealing my blessing and keeping me from acting out in faith. Yet, sometimes I am guilty of doubting that God can take care of my debts even though He is God, he has it written and has spoken to my heart numerous times. All I need to do is keep walking in faith and not turn to the road of doubt that can lead to despair, bad decisions, and even rebellion. God is more than able to free me from that larger than anaconda size snake I have tangled my life up in. I might have made the bad decisions, but I have turned away from using debt foolishly. Good thing Jesus is merciful and desires for us to live a life of freedom and abundant joy. Jesus is able to free you and me from any bondage we have ensnared ourselves in by bad decisions, if we will simply step out in faith and trust Him. 

Welcome to The Candy Class Blog!

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Hi! Welcome to the official blog for The Candy Class. I had some spare time, so I thought I get this blog started. It will be a work in progress for now while I continue to stock my store, The Candy Class, at www.teacherspayteachers.com. My plans for this blog is to share hands-on teaching ideas that are relevant to the world of young learners and today’s high learning standards. I plan to have some flash freebies along the way announced on this blog, offer tips, offer some other fun stuff, and share my own personal journey as an educator and mom. Thank you for stopping by the blogspot for The Candy Class. Come back and visit! 🙂