Learning with Straws from Your Craft Stash & a Freebie!

Hi everyone! I am linking up with other bloggers to share learning ideas that can be done with your craft stash. Now, this will be a 21-day event covering many different craft materials you might have stashed at your home. I will not be blogging for each of the 21 days, but I am signed-up to post for some of them. You don’t want to miss a day, so make sure to click on the image to hop on over to all the action. 
Today, I am sharing what I consider to be a very important activity that all K-2 grade students should participate in every day. This is something that has always been a must in my morning routines. This activity is counting the days of school to teach place value concepts. It just sets such a firm foundation with math concepts, and it only takes a very tiny amount of time each day. Additionally, the activity is just relevant to young learners and hands-on. Each day, you are building up place value skills one straw at a time. There are many ways the days of school can be counted. My favorite method has always been with straws using a place value chart.
Each day, a child adds a straw to the pocket. When there are ten straws, they are bundled together with a rubber band and placed in the tens place instead. On the tenth day of school, I emphasize that the ten straws is one group of ten ones, so there is a one placed in the tens place. I then bring up how there are zero ones in the ones place, so that is why there is a one in the ones place.
When the hundredth day of school rolls around, we then bundle the ten groups of ten straws into one. A one is placed in the hundreds place, and I explain how there is one group of one hundred straws or ten groups of tens.

I just created this blog exclusive freebie! I do request that if you feel generous, share the blog link instead of the resource please.Click here or on the picture to grab your copy of the build-a-place value chart. 


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