Don’t you just love the fun of the 100th day of school? Counting the days of school is such a great, fun way to incorporate number recognition, counting skills, place value, and more!

Ideas for Celebrating the 100th Day of School

My favorite count the days of school activity is to have the students count the straws. I love it because it sets the foundation for learning the abstract concept of place value. Let’s just face it, if kids are thrown this suddenly in first grade without any concrete foundations, a LOT of kids are not going to get this concept. I’ve had students that struggle daily with math, and still grasp the concept of the tens and ones place halfway through the kindergarten year. And when we get to the 100th day of school! Bam, they get the hundreds place too! So if you are teaching k-2 students or homeschooling a k-2 student, and you don’t count the days of schools with straws, chains, or something similar….start! You won’t regret it!

 100 day smarter children deserve a celebration! So for celebrating, they can be crowned.

Once they are 100 days smarter, they have a new view on life. Why not celebrate that with some 100th day of school glasses?

They can count to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. This one is the splat to 100 sheet, where they count by 2’s and fill in the missing numbers on the splattered gum.

The can fill in the missing numbers on a hundreds chart or write all the numbers in a hundreds chart.

I made this unit for K-2, so I added some written form printables in there for those second graders too. Also, these work for differentiating instruction.  😉

They can write about celebrating their 100th birthday.

And yup, 100 birthdays does most likely mean eating 100 turkeys, lol! This writing activity is fun, and offers room for some very cute creativity.

They can think of ways to do kind deeds by having $100 to pay it forward. We want to build some good deed doing citizens after all!

They can read about the 100th day.

(Drumroll) The teacher can save 100 hours of work with this no prep 100th day of school package! And still have cute 100 day of school crafts with no prep work! Just print and craft! Several Math Printables incorporating that number 100! Leveled Min-Readers! Writing Crafitivies! Extended Writing Activities!

Find it here or click the image below.

Celebrate the 100th Day of School with a Crown, Glasses, and Fun No Prep Activities

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