Can You Guess Where I am in My Logo Picture?

I am joining in on a fun linky party, where we share the fun stories behind our logos. I am linking up with Jenny K.

So can you guess where I am in my logo picture? I am in the hospital holding my newly born son! And yup, I cheated on it. I got some rest and pulled out the make-up bag, lol, because that is just how I roll. So why did I choose post-delivery room picture for my logo? I did it because I did not have that many pictures of myself on hand when I was putting together my logo, I am not into selflies too much, and it was the best one I could find. I just don’t get in front of the lens that much because I am my family’s photographer.
There is my son born not even 24 hours old, already needing a haircut, lol! Good thing, I learned how to use the clippers! I am so blessed to have this boy as my son.
Here is a picture of him from this year.
That is my mom’s dog, visiting us, whom my son gets more excited about seeing than anybody else coming to visit us (shhh, don’t tell my mom!).
If you are wondering where he gets the black hair (and good looks), it comes from my husband, who is Indian. I’ve been asked if that is my son, lol, but those who are close to me, can see some of me in him (We share similar bone structures in our face).
You can hop on over to Jenny K.’s blog to either join in the linky or enjoy reading some interesting, fun stories about other teacher-authors and clip artists logos.
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2 thoughts on “Can You Guess Where I am in My Logo Picture?”

  1. Hi Teachers Resource Force! Ha, ha! Yup, hard for me not to see when I look at it either. Thanks for visiting!

    Jolene 🙂

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