Today, I am “interviewing” the accordion template.
1. What is an accordion template? An accordion template is a unique type of interactive notebook template. It consists of a paper that is folded just like an accordion. Now sometimes that paper can be shaped like a rectangle or it can even be shaped like a bunch of bears. The folds in the accordion leave separate spaces for adding educational content. These are great for students because they become a very unique graphic organizer that literally pops off the page. 
2. How can they be used? Since the accordion functions like a graphic organizer, think about using these for lessons that need to be filled with connecting information such as processes, chronological order, order of events, and steps.  

Here are Some Ideas:  
They are good for phonics activities.
Patters- Accordions are great for teaching color and number patterns. 
Number Patterns- Students can add missing numbers and/or do some skip counting.

Science- Learning the names of planets, parts of the body, or steps to the scientific process are all ideas that fit great with accordions. 
Spelling Lists- Why not have students write their spelling list on an accordion to keep handy in their notebook for reference?

More Ideas: 
•Order of events such as story sequencing or historical time lines.
•The steps to the writing process can be recorded on an accordion.
•Math Facts- You can write math facts on these, and students can put them out to practice memorizing their addition or multiplication facts. 
3. How else are these handy? Accordions are also handy because you can get a lot of information on them without taking up a gigantic amount of notebook real estate. If you look at this entry, you realize you can not only squeeze counting by 2s on the page, but you can include other types of skip counting on the same page! The same can go for adding spelling list. You can fit multiple spelling lists all on the same page. These accordions have lots of potential to maximize space in a notebook.  
4. These seem complicated to make. How can I make these and get everything else done? True, creating accordions take some design skill because essentially they need to flow. Now you could just place a bunch of squares together in PowerPoint. However, if you are telling students to cut on the solid lines. That is going to get confusing when you have solid lines running in the middle for folding. Good news, I create interactive notebook templates that are quality made in Adobe Illustrator at 300 ppi. The outer solid lines are for cutting, and the inner dotted lines are for folding. Less confusion, more productivity in the classroom. And these templates save you a TON of time because they are already made for you. All you need to do is add text boxes and images, and you are set to go. I even include a tutorial on how to do that!
This set includes all my accordion templates in one set. They come in png images and editable PowerPoints, include visual directions for the different types of templates, and a reference guide with a name system to help you find just the right template easily. Click on the image to link.
Many, but not all, of the accordions from the set above can also be found in my Interactive Notebook Templates 1000+ set. This set includes over 1,000 templates from many different template types. Click on the image to link.
Also, these template sets can be used for commercial use on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers as long as you follow my terms of use. 
You can email me questions about interactive notebook templates at [email protected]. Make sure to stop back by. I will be offering tips on a bunch more template types in the future.
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  1. Love your ideas! I have been wanting to try accordions, but I don't know how to keep them from falling out of the IN. I have heard of velcro dots, but teaching 100+ kids, that can get expensive! Do you have any ideas on how to keep the accordion foldable inside their IN without hanging out and potentially ripping? Thanks!!!

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