Ideas for Teaching Collective Nouns and a List

Ideas for Teaching Collective Nouns and a List

There are many fun ways to teach collective nouns. Teaching collective nouns will expand on student’s vocabulary and communication skills. Ultimately, everything is tied to reading comprehension and writing skills. These are often part of state language standards often. Collective nouns are listed under the Common Core Standards for second grade. I am going to include […]

Engaging First Grade Google Classroom Digital Activities for ELA Centers

Grammar plays a role with reading comprehension and writing development, so its important students are getting a firm foundation with grammar early on in elementary. It can be tough to find engaging first grade grammar activities to use in one’s ELA centers. That is why I came up with some digital activities that can be […]

Improve Students’ Writing with These Grammar Ideas for Primary

Pin for Improving Students' Writing with These Grammar Ideas

Grammar teaches us to look closer at the construction of a sentence. By understanding the frame of a sentence, we become more enabled to construct better sentences. It is like building a house. If someone handed you a hammer, some nails, and wood, you probably could build something, even if you were never taught how. […]

Nine Games to Use with Grammar Task Cards

game ideas to use with task cards

I’m excited to show you nine different games (including a freebie) that you can use to make your grammar task card activities more hands-on. Let’s face it. It can be a challenge to constantly teach rich content that is also engaging and fun for students. Task card games tap into children’s love and need for […]

Adverbs Mini-Lesson & Activity Ideas

Adverbs Lesson & Activities

Adverbs are tricky for students to learn and understand. I can remember my mom getting my cousin, an English teacher, to tutor me when I was young because they were just super confusing. Thankfully, the tutoring helped! Today, I would like to share how to teach an adverbs mini-lesson. I will also include some ideas […]

Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Adjective Lesson

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you several ideas for teaching adjectives, so you never have a boring adjective lesson again! (And sorry about the stinky skunk pic. Made me laugh, so I could not resist. Hopefully, some of you will get a giggle from it. 😉 The stinky skunk is my adjective mascot […]