Lesson One, Part Two

Lesson 2

Thanks for joining me for part two of lesson one! This lesson is the important one because it is going to show you a simple three-step system to getting everything flowing easily in your classroom. 

Would you like to take notes to help you remember the content? I have a notes outline you can print out.

?Download the Teacher Notes for the Video Here ?

Just a little heads up, this is a previously filmed webinar. It will talk like you have already been through the lessons to set it up. Just ignore that part of it. After some reflection, I realized it would be best to have this video in the beginning. That way, you get the bigger picture of this whole system. It is not that I am too lazy to film another one, I just have a son who is about to be 12. I don't want to miss a moment this year because he is still my little baby, and I lost a lot of moments working too many hours over the last five years. I am scaling down the unnecessary things in life. Perfection wants me to spend a week of my extra hours remaking a new video. I had to tell her no. ?

The system presented is solid in there. The tools I refer to are all lined up in lessons two through five for you to get set-up.

The free classroom resources and student tutorials that will help you rock this system will be linked below for you. 

The video for today is above. Simply press the play button in the middle to watch it. 

?Download the Free Student Resources Here ?

Note: Make sure to check your downloads folder for it once you download it. There will be links to the student videos handy in one of the files with the password to access those. These resources are made to go with the three-step system in the video above and the tech tools I walk you through in this mini-course. 

Don't forget to come back for the next lessons! Days two to four will show you the tech tool options and how to get them set-up. I even included some teacher tutorials. The next lesson will go over the A of tech tools. This tool is going to be super useful in your classroom! 

Thanks for watching today!

Jolene Mathew from the Candy Class