Adverbs Mini-Lesson & Activity Ideas

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Adverbs are tricky for students to learn and understand. I can remember my mom getting my cousin, an English teacher, to tutor me when I was young because they were just super confusing. Thankfully, the

Five Ways to Teach Multiple Meaning Words

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Today, I want to share five ways to teach multiple meaning words. Multiple meaning words are words that sound alike but mean different things. These can include homonyms, but it also can include words that have

Activities for Teaching Context Clues in the Primary Grades

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Let's dive into activities for teaching context clues in the primary grades. I also have a post that breaks down how to teach vocabulary strategies that you can find here.   Activity #1 Picture Journal

Use Tech Creatively in K-2: A Simple 3-Step System

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A free tech course to get it all up and running smoothly in your primary classroom without losing a bunch of class time. Does most of the professional development for using tech in the primary

Activities for Teaching Long Vowel Teams in the Primary Classroom

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When it comes to teaching long vowel teams in the primary classroom, incorporating many different engaging activities is a must! If you are looking for some ideas and teaching strategies for teaching long vowel pairs,

Ideas for Teaching Prefixes in 2nd Grade to Strengthen Vocabulary Skills

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Students need opportunity to work with words and manipulate the parts of them. In primary grades like 2nd grade, students can start to dive into prefixes to strengthen their vocabulary skills. There are many ways

How to Customize Your Interactive Notebooks…A Video Tutorial

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  Hi everyone! I recently created this video tutorial that teaches you how to customize your interactive notebooks. In this tutorial, I teach how to create an acronym book that can be used for back

How to Use Google Classroom on an iPad or Tablet When You are Not 1:1

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Hi everyone! Today, I want to offer show you how to use Google Classroom on an iPad or tablet when you are not 1:1. Some of you may have been 1:1 for a while, but

Strategy Share: Teaching Story Elements

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Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share some teaching strategies for teaching story elements. These ideas are meant to pair with fiction read alouds. Although, I will offer some ideas for guided reading too. I

How to Use Google Classroom on an iPad or Tablet in K-2

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share how to use Google Classroom on an iPad or tablet in K-2. First off, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first to consider even how to set this up

Strategy Share: Teaching Strategies to use During Guided Reading & Freebies

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Hi everyone! What are some practical strategies you can use during guided reading to help streamline your lessons and keep students moving forward? Today, I want to share some practical teaching strategies with you that

Fitting Science in Your Primary Class

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Hi everyone! How many of you have an hour each day to spend on science? What about a half hour? What about ten minutes? Ok, most of you are probably like, extra time. What is

Strategy Share: Fun Ways for Previewing Texts & a Freebie

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Strategy Share! This is a series I just recently started that focuses on teaching strategies for reading and writing. You can learn more about strategies in general here. Today, I want

Strategy Share: Using Strategies to Teach Reading and Writing

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Hi everyone! I want to start a new series that shares various strategies you can use in your classroom. It is going to be posted sporadically. It is my goal to help build confidence when it

Seven Tips for Teaching Guided Reading with Confidence

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  When I use to ask students about their favorite part of school, what do you think the overwhelming response was from them? Recess? Nope. Lunch. Guess again. Guided reading? YES!!!! Actually, they would not

How to Not Teach a Boring Compound Sentence Lesson

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  Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share some ideas about teaching compound sentences. Introduction of Fanboys First off, students need to know those fanboys before diving into the realm of compound sentences. A simple

Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Contraction Lesson & a Freebie

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Hi everyone! Today, I want to share some ideas for teaching contractions that will help you cover all the bases of various learning styles, and yes, you read the title correct. I also have an

Assessing Students’ Technology Work

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Hi everyone! Today, I want to talk tech. Specifically, I want to talk about assessing students' technology work. I know many years ago when the technology was not as advanced as it was today, I

Teacher Hacks & Organization Inspiration

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some organizing inspiration and teacher hacks! Teacher Hack and Idea #1 Contrary to what the clear tape people told you, student name plates do not need to be a

Building up with Bossy R {Activity Ideas & a Freebie!}

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Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to discuss good old Bossy R and how to build up from phonemic awareness to higher order thinking. Of course, it will incorporate some activities and include a freebie. I

Those Diphthongs

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Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to discuss those diphthongs and how to build up from phonemic awareness to higher order thinking. Of course, it will incorporate some inspiring ideas. 😉 If you have read the

An Organized School Year

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As I am wrapping up the school year, I've come to the realization that one thing I could have done better to make my year easier is be more organized. Sure, I survived off of

Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Adjective Lesson

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  Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you several ideas for teaching adjectives, so you never have a boring adjective lesson again! (And sorry about the stinky skunk pic. Made me laugh, so I

End of the Year Memory Video

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  Hi everyone! I had an idea several months ago. What if students read through some or all of their memory books on video, and the video was shared with parents as a keepsake gift?

Getting Started with Using Google Apps in the Classroom: A Round Up of Links

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 Hi everyone! I have set-up this blogpost to be a source for those who want to use Google™apps within their walls, but don't know where to look to get started. Now I really recommend you

Educational Inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day

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Hi everyone! I want to share some inspiration for those who are still able to incorporate holiday activities in the classroom. First, I have to say, I LOVE LOVE the story of St. Patrick. When

Teaching Ideas for Place Value & Two Freebies

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Hi everyone! I want to share some tips about learning place value. Having a deep root in understanding place value plays such an important role in grasping math. This post is geared for teaching place

Blending those Blends & Free Blend Posters

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some ideas for teaching blends in the classroom and a freebie to be able to do just that! Idea #1: Incorporate phonemic awareness in the morning through fun chants.

Sharing Some Love with A Treasure Hunt Giveaway

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****Update: The winner has been selected! Congrats to Lisa K! Thank you everyone for some treasure hunting fun! I hope you enjoyed the freebies!****Hi everyone! I've teamed up with some other awesome teacher-authors to share

Tips for Increasing Vocabulary and a Free Sample

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Hi everyone! Today, I am going to share some tips on how to increase vocabulary during reading. Vocabulary is so important for deepening reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. It is an essential ingredient for

Prefix Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Freebie

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Hi everyone! Tis' the season to be thankful. One thing I am incredibly grateful for is the ability to share my talents with so many educators from all over. I am sharing this Thanksgiving Turkey

The Interactive Notebook Template Types

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Hi everyone! Today, I am sharing the template types and some inspiring ideas. The first template type is the accordion. The accordion is a template that folds up like an accordion. It's unique shape can

Getting Googly Eyed with Multiplication and a Freebie

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I'm always looking for ways to make things hands-on and fun. For this Learning with Your Craft Stash post, I was challenged with an anything goes for this blogpost. I actually found this challenge the

Learning Sight Words with Scrapbook Paper

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Hi everyone! I am linking up with Life Over C's Learning with Your Craft Stash. Today, the craft item is scrapbook paper. Now, I don't know about you, but I have a big crate full

Oa, Oe, Ow, Oa, Oe The Vowel Teams

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(Sing the title to the tune of a famous boy band song from quite a few decades ago. I won't say which one, but it you get if right, you got the right stuff, lol!)

Learning with Straws from Your Craft Stash & a Freebie!

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Hi everyone! I am linking up with other bloggers to share learning ideas that can be done with your craft stash. Now, this will be a 21-day event covering many different craft materials you might

New Twist on Coloring Easter Eggs & Happy Easter!

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Hi everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter! My son and I had some fun today coloring our Easter eggs. I was just about to wake up last week, and literally a picture like

Improving Math Facts Fluency

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Fluency with math facts is an important skill. No doubt. Yes, students should have lots of opportunities to gain firm understanding of the thinking behind these simple math equations. Don't stash those counters just yet!

100th Day of School….Let’s Celebrate!

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Don't you just love the fun of the 100th day of school? Counting the days of school is such a great, fun way to incorporate number recognition, counting skills, place value, and more! My favorite

Can You Guess Where I am in My Logo Picture?

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I am joining in on a fun linky party, where we share the fun stories behind our logos. I am linking up with Jenny K. So can you guess where I am in my logo

Interview with an Accordion

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   Today, I am "interviewing" the accordion template.   1. What is an accordion template? An accordion template is a unique type of interactive notebook template. It consists of a paper that is folded just

Gimme 5 Blog Hop

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Hi everyone! Tomorrow there is another site wide sale going on! Yay! I love stocking up at site wide sales! My store will be 20% off tomorrow! (Spoiler Alert: I am about to release some

Engaging Alphabet Activities, Ideas & a Free Alphabet Flip Book!

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Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share some engaging alphabet activities and ideas to help students learn those letters and beginning sounds.  Ideally, all first graders should come to class knowing these. Even in kindergarten,

Three Million Strong Sale & an Interactive Notebook Freebie

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Click on the image to link to Blog Hoppin' to find out about more stores throwing sales! Don't you just love site wide sales at TPT? I sure do. I can't decide if I like

Happy 2014!!! Linking up with Blog Hoppin’ Day 2

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  I am linking up with blog hoppin' for Day 2. When I am not making graphic art or making teaching products, I like to make my own bath and beauty products. My favorite things

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas: Enjoy Some Freebies!

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I want to say thank you for all the attention my little store has been receiving since late October. It truly has been an answered prayer for me because it seemed the doors were shut

Candy Corn Bunting Freebie

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This is from a fall festival for little bear and his friends. I love candy corn, candy apples, pumpkins, and everything orange this time of I did not have to dig deep for inspiration.

Say What?

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        Saturday night, I felt like I was up all night giving birth! Kid you not! And well, I kind of gave birth to an Interactive Reading Notebook for Non-Fiction with cuteness added.

Inspiration in a Download

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I love, love, love God's word. It is what keeps me ticking. It is my source of hope, direction, and guidance. My family and I have been working on memorizing scriptures. To help, I decided

Space, Sight Words, a Light Sword, and a Freebie Link

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For learning sight words this year, I have flowed with my son's interests with space. I did not actually make this adorable space word wall set myself, but I did find it as a freebie

Would You Like an Interactive Notebook Freebie?

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        You heard that right! An interactive notebook freebie!  They are so useful for so many reasons. First, they are interactive. That means children can interact with the notebook like an interactive

Is It Foolish?

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As I was eating lunch, I prayed my heart out to Jesus asking him to forgive me of all my stupidity with debt and to free me from its bondage. I confessed how I have

Welcome to The Candy Class Blog!

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Hi! Welcome to the official blog for The Candy Class. I had some spare time, so I thought I get this blog started. It will be a work in progress for now while I continue