You heard that right! An interactive notebook freebie!  They are so useful for so many reasons. First, they are interactive. That means children can interact with the notebook like an interactive conversation between a teacher and student. With all the pieces that flip, they can revisit the journal later after the lesson for a little selfie quiz.  Not only that, but interactive journals are an outlet for publishing, and that my friend gives their work purpose. Not to mention, they are visual and kinesthetic (hands-on), which helps meet the various learning needs of young learners.  Since I am new to blogging, I just want to let everyone know that I have a lot of special things planned for this blog. I plan to offer exclusive freebies that will not be posted in my store at TPT, flash freebies, teaching ideas, some tutorials on creating bath and beauty products, some inspiration, and more! If you would like to receive an email when I post something new, simply click on the right where it says “follow by email”.  So don’t forget to download your interactive notebook freebie, and you might want to follow me on TPT while you are there, so you can get updates when I post stuff on there.  Simply click on the image below to receive your freebie! (Well, I hope it is “simply” able to link to it properly, lol!) If not, click the link below the image.
Interactive Notebook Freebie by The Candy Class
Enjoy and be blessed,