100th Day of School Activities No Prep Activities


Make the 100th day of school a memorable celebration, and save time making it fun and educational with this NO PREP 100 days of school resource! You can use this resource as fully printable such as with the print and craft 100th day crown and glasses, or you can use these fully digital with the digital photo props that also includes drawing and drag and drop alternatives if photos are not an option. I’ve made this very versatile to meet various classroom needs.

The 100th days smarter glasses and hat are great for students to sport in a parade! While you are at it, snag up a teachable moment with the writing craftivity, math printables, and mini-readers about the 100th day of school.

No Prep Printable Option Includes:
⭐ Glass craftivity
⭐ Crown craftivity
⭐ 9 math printables including 100s chart activities, skip counting, etc.
⭐ One hundred years old birthday writing craft (+paper options)
⭐ 2 writing prompts (+paper options)
⭐ 3 leveled mini-readers (folds)
Draw or show 100 activity
Exercise to 100
⭐ 100 day STEM or alternative square drawing activity*
⭐ Photographed directions for the crafts

With the no prep printable resource, you don’t need to visit 5 stores gathering supplies, spend an afternoon smelling melting plastic from a laminator, or do any “teacher cutting” to prep the items. You only need supplies that are typical things a teacher would have on hand (paper, white card stock, crayons or markers, scissors for the students, glue, and a stapler). No laminating, no way! They do all the cutting, you don’t! This year, simply print and go!

*For the no prep printable STEM activity, students will need math cubes or blocks. Since most primary classrooms have these handy, I consider this no prep like grabbing a box of crayons. If you don’t have these handy, there is an alternative block drawing activity instead to keep this no prep.

Happy 100th day of school!
Jolene from The Candy Class

Please note: All resources are digital items that you can download immediately after purchase. No physical items will be sent.


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