New Twist on Coloring Easter Eggs & Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter! My son and I had some fun today coloring our Easter eggs. I was just about to wake up last week, and literally a picture like the one below popped in my mind. Well, my wheels started spinning to figure out how I was going to get color sugar to stick to a boiled egg.  First, I thought of using cornstarch, but decided to go with powdered sugar in the long run.

We actually got some science out of it by experimenting to find a way to coat the eggs with sugar icing. First, we tried mixing a ton of powdered sugar and a little big of water until it was thick like Elmer’s Glue (sorry, forgot to take a pic). We then rolled one egg in the gluey sugar. It did coat with sugar, but the sugar on it was damp and gooey. Not the effect we were going for at all. We then tried a cup of water and a tablespoon of powdered sugar. Not sure if the powdered sugar is needed or not. Perhaps, something for you to experiment with if you do try this.

To create: 
1. Boil however many eggs you plan to color sugar coat. If you need tips on boiling eggs, I am not the gal to ask, haha! Several of mine cracked, lol! There are plenty of recipes online. 😉
2. Prepare the “glue” by adding one tablespoon of sugar to one cup of water. (Or you can mix it up after you make the colored sugar.) I only call it glue because it is what is used to bind the sugar onto the egg, and is a good term to use for young children to grasp the concept more.
3. Pour granulated sugar on a small plate. I just poured whatever, so no exact measurement here.
4. Add 3-6 drops of food coloring to the sugar. The more food coloring, the more vibrant. I used neon colored food coloring.
5. We hand mixed our sugar by rubbing a spoon over the sugar. It was tedious, and you probably could pull out a mixer or use some sort of food processor if desired. However, I loved seeing little hands more involved in this activity, and not having to clean a food processor. I did have to add my own elbow grease to complete the mixing.  🙂
6. Make as many colors of sugar as desired.
7. Gently place the egg in the sugar water and roll the boiled egg around in it. Stir the water before adding the egg as needed.
8. Place the egg on the colored sugar and roll around until it is coated. If there are some spots, you can also pat some of the sugar onto the egg.
9. Keep eggs refrigerated if you plan to eat them. 🙂
•You probably could use store colored sugar. Not sure though. Some of the thicker ones may or may not work.
•Don’t let the colored sugar get too damp. It will become gooey and not coat well on the eggs. You may want to pull only a small portion of the sugar onto the area you plan to roll the egg to keep the rest of the sugar good for coating the next egg.
On a rabbit trail, I hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend! I know I am feeling so blessed and just feeling grateful. The past month, I have been feeling kind of discouraged with my struggle to keep my life balanced. Overall, there has been lots of anxiety to where it has just ate up my joy. The last few days, I have been disciplined about going to bed at a more decent hour, waking up early, and working out. I am overall just feeling more joy now. I feel more balanced.  While I still have the long list of projects, I guess I am just feeling more relaxed about it. I don’t feel like I need to have it done yesterday like I felt too often this year. I’ve also have felt a seasoned word in my life, and that word is God has brought me back to life. Time to celebrate! And definitely time to celebrate Jesus this weekend because I would not be where I am today without his sacrifice many Easters ago. I truly hope you have a blessed Easter! 🙂
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