Three Million Strong Sale & an Interactive Notebook Freebie

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Don’t you just love site wide sales at TPT? I sure do. I can’t decide if I like the buying or the selling part more, lol! My goal is to not spend more than I make, but that is going to be HARD! I am planning to stock up on some clip art (yes, even though I make clip art, it is such a HUGE time saver for when I make my curriculum products. Plus, I feel like I am gathering my own personal art collection. I just love art and having a vast array of different styles.) I also have plans to buy some curriculum resources too. I am still debating on which ones, but I did buy that new Rockin Fluency Phrases set from Cara Caroll and LOVE it (and just realized I forgot to add the promo code!). What are you planning on buying?

Everything in my store is at least 20% off! Use Promo Code TPT3 to get an additional 10% off the sales price. Don’t be like me and forget to add that Promo Code! Good thing that was not my big purchase that I am getting ready to make. I am putting a sticky on my screen now.

I have a new Interactive Notebook Freebie that is a sample from my new Interactive Notebook Templates 100+ Design Edition for Commercial and Personal use. These come in fun prints of chevron, polkadots, and those bold trendy stripes. They are all in light gray for ink saving, and they print beautiful and text goes on top beautifully. They also include some transparent square that can be stretched to fit on top if you want some blank space. Here is a picture from my Interactive Reading Notebook for Non-Fiction that I published this past fall to see these design template concepts in action. Pretty much the summary one gave me the inspiration recently to make a commercial set of these.

Here is the Freebie. Click on image to link.
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